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A note for people concerned about being bombarded by lots of email messages:

When you enter your email address in the box above, you will automatically receive every email sent to the SCARAB email list, as soon as each message is sent. You will probably receive lots of SCARAB emails daily. (This is the way Yahoo Groups works--we can't change it.) Many people don't like to get bombarded by emails, but don't worry. You can control how often you receive SCARAB emails.

After you enter your email address, just visit Yahoo Groups, sign in with your Yahoo ID and password, then choose your message delivery options. You can set the delivery mode of the SCARAB messages as follows: you can receive each new message in your e-mail inbox immediately when it is sent (that means at least 10 or so daily), or you can receive a single daily compilation of the messages (we recommend you use this "daily digest" setting). Or, you can specify that you will never receive a SCARAB email--you can read them on the SCARAB Yahoo Groups site at your leisure when you feel like it. You can also set the delivery options by following the instructions in the footer of every SCARAB Yahoo Groups email message.

We don't want anyone to feel bombarded by emails, so please take advantage of this feature to customize your delivery options.