SCARAB is a club for Southern California adventure racers of all levels to meet teammates, train together and exchange the latest tips, techniques and event schedules. With over 3,100 members, SCARAB is the largest adventure racing club in the world, and the best resource for Southern Californians interested in adventure racing, from the sprint to expedition races.
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The SCARAB yahoo group is the main attraction of this site.  With 3,000+ members, the yahoo group continues to be active.  The group functions as a community providing answers, information, and a forum for asking questions.  Becoming a member of SCARAB is the first step to getting connected with the Adventure Racing community.  Join here!In addition to signing up for on the SCARAB yahoo group, we have included some helpful links to getting started in Adventure Racing. Race Calendars: -California Adventure Racing Association-USARA-TriFind-Sleepmonsters-Checkpoint TrackerHelpful Associations: -California Adventure Racing Association-US Adventure Racing AssociationTeammate Finder: A Teammate Finder to help you find teammates or training partners, with key information such as skills, race experience, goals and home city.
THERE IS NO COST TO JOIN. Pleasecontact usif you'd like to get involved in running the club, such as organizing events, public relations, or any other way you'd like to participate.
(Wondering what a "Scarab" is? It's an ancient Egyptian gem or seal in the form of a scarab beetle, worn as a good luck charm!)
Thanks for your interest in SCARAB!
SCARAB: Southern California Adventure Racing Buddies
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Please contact these members for more information about SCARAB and adventure racing:
-Beginners:Bernice Pierson-General Questions:Angel Garbarino